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I'm collaborating with companies and brands that align with my values, aesthetic and personality. If you think we're a good fit, here are a few ways we can work together:



As an experienced home cook and certified holistic nutrition expert, I enjoy research and development and offer unique, original and product centered recipe development that cater to real people as well as your unique or wide-range audience. I am experienced in using new + versatile equipment, food products and can create versatile recipes that follow many different diets, nutritional needs, and taste. Contact me for my resume, media kit and a more detailed outline of what I offer in my collaborations including food styling, photography, copy and more. 



COMING SOON. NOW AVAILABLE! Currently, I am only able to offer reviews + giveaways via Instagram with a feature on a blog post + recipe. As well, no monetary compensation will be accepted for reviews or giveaways. Please contact me for more information on this method of collaboration.

Tressa Yellig, Review of Ashley Gotschall Nutrition

Here's what people are saying:

"Hiring Ashley to do recipe development for us was definitely the right decision. I was floored by what she delivered. She took our product, bone broth, which is not an easy product to get creative with and turned it into two comprehensive, easy to follow, beautiful and delicious recipes. The best part was that both were very accessible and not so creative that they’d be seen as strange. She included so much more than i’d asked for — high definition photos, substitutions, adjustments for portion size, videos as well as developed recipes and ingredients. This is exactly the experience that I want when hiring a professional, and demonstrate her expertise in the field, which is so valuable to a small business owner with limited time. Having so much to choose from gave me enormous flexibility to adapt the recipes to any forum that my company might need — we’ve used them on social platforms, in print, in classes and lectures as well as blog posts and hopefully in articles in the future. I would hire her again in an instant. Her ability to anticipate our need and also her clear expertise in cooking and nutrition provided something for every type of consumer that we are trying to appeal to. She was expedient, communicative, transparent and easy to work with. I am very grateful for the experience and the assets we now have to use."

- Tressa Yellig, owner of Salt, Fire and Time and Broth Bar.

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