the guided detox



The AGN Pocket Detox is a cleanse designed as a simple way to rid your body of toxins and cravings and even some extra weight that can be completed within 3 - 6 days (two rounds/6 days = best results). It's all based in scientific, well-established nutritional facts + personal and case-study experience. The guide is also specifically designed for your smart phone📱, so that you can wake up each day, click on the detox downloaded on your phone and swipe through each day, recipe + routine to make it the easiest way to detox. I know you're super busy (understatement? Yep, 🙋‍♀️I hear that) and don’t have time to do a ton of reading or get a book read before starting a cleanse or even take time to print out a physical guide (do people still have printers at home? 🙈). That’s why this is designed in a way that brings it to the easiest avenue of your day, your phone. The best part is, it's completely FREE! So go, detox + enjoy!

UPDATE: WE'RE GETTING A MAKEOVER 💁‍♀️! So, go ahead and download the current version and simply STAY TUNED because I'll shoot you an email as soon as the new + improved + updated version hits! YAASSS! 









If you're already loving the detox, then stay tuned! We are working on a quick and dirty, 30-DAY NUTRITION + METABOLISM REBOOT with a corresponding in-depth live masterclass + printable bonuses, done-for-you meal plans, shopping lists, recipes + more including postpartum, allergy/diet friendly alternatives + hacks! Plus, I'll host an Instagram challenge, so we can do it together!