Leftover Turkey (or Chicken) Pot Pie Soup + 5 Tips to Get Back On Track

Leftovers can be tricky. This is a really tasty way to use up that turkey. I feel like soup is the obvious. Sandwiches are the other obvious, but with less potential. Soups are fat-burning because they pack in plenty of nutrients with an easier-to-digest profile. You can also use chicken here or other poultry. Let the leftovers begin!


Ok, let’s talk bounce-back. If you enjoyed your Thanksgiving but need a little help getting back on track, here are my best tips:


  1. 🍋DRINK A TON OF WATER, ADD LEMON. Start your day with a hot mug of water with squeezed lemon. And keep sipping all day long on water. This will literally flush your body, give plenty of hydration (because you’re probably dehydrated after the rush of the holiday, anyway). Lemon is flavor + detoxifying.

  2. 🥥EAT PLENTY OF FAT + FIBER. Healthy, whole-food fats like full-fat coconut milk, avocado and olive oil, nuts + seeds and of course greens+ veggies. Get friendly with your almond butter, and make a smoothie with 2c water, protein powder, 2 tbsp almond butter, some spinach + a couple pieces of frozen fruit (no more than 1/4c) and about a tablespoon of chia seeds and ice. Add 1 tbsp cacao powder for extra fiber boost (plus it’s chocolate, so…duh).

  3. 🐄SKIP THE DAIRY + PROCESSED, SIMPLE CARBS FOR NOW. Ok, I know cheese and heavy cream are technically a “fat” but I say skip when trying to get back on track. Here’s why, cheese and cow’s milk are full of (yes, natural) sugar. Also, it’s highly inflammatory, so if you’re wanting to really feel better, skipping the dairy (eggs can be ok for most people) can help clear your skin, reduce bloat and make you feel way better overall. If you’re weird about your coffee, try oat milk. If you’re craving carbs, make a smoothie with plenty of fiber, fat and protein. Or make a huge green salad with leftover turkey and roasted veggies like sweet potato and parsnip - this will give you a carb fix but with a lower affect on your blood sugar, so you’ll feel satisfied and not crave all the foods later. For dinner, make this soup and end the day with an organic black, decaf tea like chamomile.

  4. 👉Stick to this BLUEPRINT for your meals: Protein, Fat, Fiber, Greens + Veg [PFFGV] from whole-food sources, for best results.

  5. 😴SLEEP. The one know one really likes, but is probably the biggest needle-mover. Get enough sleep - 8 hours or more. I know, it’s hard. Turning off your screens, wearing blue light-blocking glasses at least an hour before bed. Low-light, reading are all helpful to get into sleepy-mode.

Ok, hope that helps, go drink some water! 💦

Ashley GotschallComment