Roasted Butter-Herb Turkey

The pièce de résistance. Okay, we’re actually doing herbed turkey meatballs this year, but a roasted turkey is traditional, so that’s what we’re serving up for this Thanksgiving Menu. It’s easier than you think!


TOOLS NEEDED: Roasting pan or large baking sheet + liner or parchment paper

NOTE: If you prefer enamel-ware for roasting go for it, but note that it may roast faster, so keep an eye on it. Also, instead of gravy, opt for caramelizing onions in butter or oil and herbs to serve over potatoes and turkey and meatballs. it goes well with the cranberry sauce as well.

MAKE AHEAD TIP: prepare the butter-herb mixture ahead of time, store in airtight container in fridge. Let it get to room temperature before using on turkey.

Ashley GotschallComment