Mustard Maple + Mushroom Green Beans

Switch it up this year and get a little crazy…swap your green bean casserole for this simpler + cleaner green bean side. Leave out the maple if you’re opting for a no-sugar holiday. It’s good with or without it.

Mustard Maple Green Beans

MAKE AHEAD TIP: prepare your glaze ahead of time, up to two days and store in fridge in airtight container. Simply heat up in the same pan you use to caramelize your onions and mushrooms. done and done.

NUTRITIONAL NOTE: Using a high quality real maple syrup, (grade B is preferable, but grade A is also just fine) gives you a mineral and antioxidant boost. However, it’s still sugar, so it’s important to keep it reasonable. But, not to worry, I try to keep most recipes around here pretty low in sugar. If you’re currently sugar-free - leave it out or add a drop or two of stevia.

Ashley GotschallComment