One Pot Sweet Potato + Lentil Stew

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New year, new goals, new recipe.

Hey heyyy, remember me?! Yeah I know, holy hiatus. This scholar was workin' it in the books the last few, you know, being a mom (never ending everything), getting pregnant for the third time (oh hey, yes, that was the surprise of a lifetime, let me tell you), and dealing with all that morning sickness (it was a blast, my husband is happy I'm a real person again #sarcasm).

Anyway, it's a new year, we've got new goals. Some are old ones. Others are recurring. We won't talk about the one everyone starts over every year. Instead, I'll share this one pot, super simple, super healthy + detox friendly stew. Because simple is what I need after the holidays. And this is so good. It's so. good. The hardest part of the whole recipe is peeling and dicing the potatoes, but we can do this.

The ingredient list looks long, but trust me when I say, it's worth every single spice and even the addition of fresh ginger, although go ahead and use powdered if it's all you have. You do what you need to do with what you have. This stew is so lively and comforting at the same time, it's another family staple in my house and super detox friendly which is why it's featured in the AGN Pocket Detox - which by the way, is getting a makeover...did you hear?! Super excited about that. It'll still be free but with new photos, added recipes, and a fun re-design + a couple added resources like a shopping list and daily planning pages. Get signed up for our email list to be notified of the release at the end of the month.  

Alternatively, you could totally throw it all into a slow cooker and cook for four hours on high, I've done this a few times. Or, pressure cook on stew or soup setting. Let me know if you try this method and how it goes!

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Download the AGN Pocket Detox here, it's free and you can do your own simple, whole food detox to jump start any new year's health goals, eating plan, or just get some of that holiday extra off your bod, girl. You know. I know. Let me know how you like it! Share it with your someone if you do, there's a nice little share button right there below. Makes life easy + I'd really appreciate it! 

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