Summer Shrimp Ceviche Salad


It's heating up here in the PNW. 

So, a cold, highly flavorful salad bowl with coastal seafood flair? Sign. me. up. This Alaskan girl is all about her fresh, wild seafood and not so much about this 100 degree weather I'm about to be experiencing this week. No, thank you. Shrimp is a shellfish high in protein, B12, choline, phosphorous and more and is a great treat to add once in a while to your diet. The kicker is, it has to be wild-caught and preferably local to you as farmed shrimp (as is farmed fish in general) tend to be high in toxins and aren't always regulated to quality standards, especially if imported. I've had it easy with an Alaskan commercial fisherman for a grandfather, (I know, don't hate me) but I know that's obviously not the case for everyone. My suggestion is if you live in an area where shrimp is caught, head to your local grocers to ask about purchasing locally caught. People are generally eager to help, especially when you are willing to buy local and/or from them. And if you don't live in an area where seafood is available, no worries! Shredded organic, pasture-raised chicken cooked in lime juice + avocado oil is an excellent substitute and even preferable if you're not a seafood lover like I am. We can still be friends, though.

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