Fat Fueled Matcha Latte Two Ways

Matcha seems to be coming into its own these days.


I follow Busy Philipps on Instagram (side note: she has the funniest IG stories) and a few weeks ago she was posting about her daily matcha lattes and it reminded me that I wanted to try my hand at an easy at-home version. Trader Joe's sells individual packets of matcha powder so it was the perfect matcha storm happening around here. This is obviously not the traditional matcha latte you'll find elsewhere in the world but it does add some nutritional benefits in the fat and protein added to the concentrated green tea that is also loaded with antioxidants. So, basically it's just really healthy and you can feel free to replace your 'you-know-who-bucks' coffee, afternoon soda, etc. with this new school beverage of choice. Plus, you'll be really hip and trendy, so that's always fun.


P.S. I made a video making this Fat Fueled Matcha Latte and posted it on Instagram, check it out: 

Products I used:

Vital Proteins
Trader Joe's
Field Day