Avocado-Ranch Dressing + Dip

Avocado-Ranch Dressing + Dip

Yeah, you're going to need some Ranch with that.

So why don't you whip some right up with this recipe especially in time for that big game day ahead. From raw veggies, to Loaded Mason Jar Potatoes, to your favorite salad in need of a big hit of ranch flava flav, if you know what I'm saying. Have you ever had a grass-fed beef hot dog topped with sauerkraut and ranch? Yup. This is good for that, too.

By now, we all know that processed foods are not going to get us to our health goals, and ranch is one of those that is hard to keep shelf-stable without being loaded up with chemical, brain fog inducing, hormone triggering ingredients. So, if you're not a fan of making your own, try Tessamae's Zesty Ranch, it's whole food based and so freaking good

If your diet can tolerate a bit of dairy, try reducing the coconut milk to about 3/4 cup and adding in 1/4 - 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt. It'll add a boost of protein and some of those probiotics we all love for our gut health. 

Don't forget to grab the printer-friendly version by clicking the button below this post. Oh, and moms, you're going to be totally ok with it when your kids want "ranch" on literally ev.ery.thing

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That bottled ranch dressing everyone loves and adores is full of processed ingredients, most of us know that by now, as well as the fact we must avoid processed foods in order to reach any kind of health related goal. Plus, this version gives our cells access to magnesium, copper and other minerals and vitamins that help us to literally level up our lives. If you are reading this and a certain hidden brand ranch is in that fridge of yours, get up now and throw it away. I know, it'll be hard, but trust me, you are one step closer to a simplified and nutritiously full life. Be liberated.

I'm always being asked where to find what, so here's what I've mentioned in this post: 

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