Party Friendly Loaded Mason Jar Potatoes

If you invite me to your party,

chances are I'll be bringing food. Whether you asked me to or not, it's part of how I stay healthy on the go. I think it's an immensely helpful habit to get into and a huge secret to staying healthy and strong while everyone else is eating all those nachos and wings right next to you...yeah, let's just not talk about it.

I know, January is full of hard starts (I always say, starting is the hardest part) when it comes to your intentions and resolutions for the new year, but February is brand new, in fact, tomorrow is brand new and you can start fresh, yet again. 

Start incorporating this new habit of bringing your own healthy food options to events and parties this Super Bowl Sunday with my Loaded Mason Jar Potatoes that bakes right into 12 oz. jars where you can bake and take, or take and bake, whichever floats your boat and keeps you clean, healthy and right on track. Don't forget to bring along all the fresh toppings your little heart desires! I'm thinking cilantro, chicken, lime + black beans with my Avocado-Ranch Dressing drizzled over the top right about now. Um. Yes. Please.

Try layering shredded chicken or black beans and quinoa in between your potatoes and other toppings and you've got a straight up meal in a jar. And it 'aint no salad either. Although, adding some shredded cabbage + carrot...or kimchi or sauerkraut. Omg. I'd be real ok with all of that. 

At a party, have a buffet of healthy + fresh toppings for your guests to top with whatever they feel like and you'll find this fun mini meal a total hit. Make this part of your meal prep, rotation, add in some shredded chicken and quinoa to make it complete and filling. 

Want to print this recipe? Click "Print This Recipe" button at the bottom of this post to grab the print friendly version of these Loaded Mason Jar Potatoes! I hope you let me know if you try these at your next party in the comments or wherever you see me around! :)  

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This year, don't get off track at your Super Bowl party or whatever you're celebrating next. This recipe will encourage easy eating while still partying hard. Plus, your friends will absolutely love you for bringing the healthy + tasty goods! Try to bring your own food to the next event you attend, fill up on it before going to the other probably not so healthy food and don't forget to drink plenty of water before, during, and after. You will surely eat less and leave feeling less deprived and super satisfied! Let me know how your next event goes and if you need any party tips or tricks or have any questions!

People are always asking where to get what, so here are some of the products I used in this recipe:

Products I use:

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