Super-Seed Cereal + BONUS Recipe!

Super-seed Cereal Recipe | Ashley Gotschall Nutrition

This time of year so many of us, myself included, are making healthy resolutions. The problem comes along when a cold shake or smoothie just isn't appetizing anymore in the mid-winter freezing temperatures. And to add to it, a lot of our smoothies can be surprisingly lacking in nutrient-density. What I mean by this is there may not be enough fiber or enough variant nutrients like natural vitamins and minerals found in varietal greens, dates, nuts + seeds. If we are just throwing in fruit and milk or yogurt or store-bought juice and maybe a protein supplement without any other added nutrients, we can be a bit deficient in a great breakfast offering. This deficiency can actually cause hunger and even lead us to slack off after a month or two and slow those health and fitness goals down quite a bit. That's why switching it up and creating something new that also keeps you full plus takes minimal time and effort like a smoothie does, is key.

I've also found that a lot of people who are just starting out can't always get on board the smoothie and fresh-pressed juice train in the beginning. Especially coming straight off a standard American diet. Then there are some people, and I'm talking to a lot of the men here, who need a little extra caloric intake. I recommend a cereal like this for a mid-morning snack if they feel hungry again at 10 a.m. My husband's days are quite long and he needs that extra intake, so I'll often make him this overnight cereal and he'll bring a shake or smoothie along with him to supplement his morning.

My Super-Seed Cereal is actually a copycat I came up with based on the Nature's Path brand, Qi'a. I love the idea of a dead simple + quick breakfast I can eat at my desk or in the car, I'm sure you can relate. I also love the idea of DIY'ing pretty much everything, especially when it comes to food!

This is one of the easiest breakfasts you can prepare in less than 10 minutes (if it actually takes you ten whole minutes once you’ve prepared it a few times, then there’s a problem ;)) the night before. And if you forget to prepare the night before (something I've never, ever done...yeah, right!) it's ready to eat after sitting for about five minutes or so. It’s delicious, super filling, full of fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins. A winner all around! 



Try out this recipe and let me know what you think! Don't be afraid to mix up the toppings and ingredients based on what you already have in your kitchen. Are you a breakfast person or not so much? Is a smoothie or juice all you need to get you going in the morning? I'd love to know!