A Warm + Gracious Welcome to AGN!


Girl, I am so happy you're here.

and I can't even tell you how truly honored I am that you are reading this right now! I'm also so excited to introduce you to my (years in the making, let me tell you!), brand spankin' new space. This is a dream come true for me to finally be doing something that is truly my heart and soul. Nutrition is the foundation of life and our society has sort of veered into the opposite of that, where eating real food is hard to find and taste is simply a concoction of chemical illusion. 

This blog serves as a vessel to educate other young moms the way of a nutritious and healthy life by providing real tools and recipes that will help transform their routines into second-nature healthy ones. I want to teach you how to prep meals so fast that it literally takes 10 - 20 minutes tops and how eating and living a holistic, healthy lifestyle can become, like I said, second nature (read: no thinking or analyzing, just knowing what to do and how to do it).

I plan to share original, family-friendly + super easy (we're talking 30 minutes or less) recipes and non-recipe recipes (putting what you have together and making it work) that comply with your health goals + needs. I'll address current diet trends that may or may not be in your favor when it comes to your health and weight loss goals. We hear so many different things when it comes to getting and staying healthy, but it often leaves us confused and overwhelmed - which is the last thing a busy mom needs, am I right? I want to provide you with tons of free resources through this blog and website; meal plans, recipes, inspiration, programs, and more. 

I want to inspire your habit change and prove, once and for all, that it is not as hard as it looks to be healthy af. Plus, do it on a budget and with the busiest of schedules.

I'm a twenty-something wife and a mom of ✌️ boys who is passionate about all things health and nutrition. I hold a certification in transformational nutrition, so you can rest assured I have (literally) done my homework, and continue to do so. I am always reading studies and new information to keep up with the latest scientific findings in peer reviewed, primary sourced work. I also hold a B. A. of Social Science in Psychology, Anthropology, and Sociology. 

When my son was born six years ago I was just 21 years old, and a lot changed. My college education was put on hold, my very new marriage was put to the test and my world just changed because now I had this little person that I loved with all my heart and I had to make sure was healthy and happy and around for a very long and full life. I also gained weight and kept 25 of it around for almost three years! I learned how to eat and create a healthy life for myself and my son but also how to lose those pesky 25 pounds once and for all. 

There's so much more to me and my story that I know can resonate with many women out there and I hope to share more in the years to come. 

What Do I Believe In? 

I believe in one size does not fit all, I believe in self-care, I believe in mindful + present living, I believe in community and friendship, I believe in women helping women,  I believe in real food, organic, the sustainable + responsible table and I believe in the power of moms coming together to support one another to become a nation of healthy, nutritious, happy women raising healthy, nutritious and happy families!

What Do I Do Exactly? 

I help busy young moms who juggle it all [🙋‍♀️] but are ready for a healthy body + nutritious life for good through simple transitions and daily habit change that work with their own individual lifestyles without causing disruption within set day-to-day routines so that they can develop easy + healthy additions and shifts to their routine and become the mom who's health is first, not last.

This blog + website is intended to help young moms stay inspired, motivated, strong, and healthy. I hope you'll join me in the fun!  

So, here's to a new year, a new mindset, and not so much a new you, but definitely a healthier, amped up version of the amazing you that you already are. Welcome, 2016!

xo, Ashley


Take Action

If it sounds like we could be friends and you'd like to join in on the fun, I would love for you to sign up for my fresh + nutritional freebies and seasonal email! I'd also love to hear what your questions are, what your biggest struggles and frustrations in the health world + being a busy young mom are so that I can fully serve you through this website. Leave a comment below or shoot me a message here! I want to know what you truly need that you're not getting or supported in. Is it meal plans? Free programs for weight loss or detox? Personal support or accountability? What is it that you need to make your life as a busy young mom easier and meet those health goals? I can't wait to hear from you!
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