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I'm Ashley. a mom, certified nutrition expert, + recipe developer here at AGN.

The AGN Mission to is teach you how to use food + nutrition to create real change and transformation simply, affordably, and most importantly, for life. 

For the past eight years, since the birth of my first son where my life changed in an instant at the realization of another human's life in my hands, I've immersed myself in formal education, study and practice of nutrition based health and wellness discovering the not-so-secret secrets to health, happiness and the successful maintenance of that balance in life. I've learned there's no "one size fits all" when it comes to your diet. You'll never hear me preach one diet or one way of eating. Instead, you'll hear things like organic, grass-fed, whole food, sustainable, responsible, happy animals and most importantly, plant-based. Those greens are important! 

My hope is that through this space you can discover a way of eating that fully nourishes your potential and teaches you balance in the chaos that is being a mom through small shifts leading to healthy habit change for a longterm, sustainable lifestyle. After all, your habits are what define you, so make them healthy! With that said, I am here to help! I’d love to answer any health or nutrition questions you have, so please feel free to email me using the form here.

XO, Ashley



B.A. Social Science, Psychology, Sociology + Anthropology from University of Alaska Southeast | 2018
Certification in Nutrition from Institute of Transformational Nutrition | 2013
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